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When I first stepped into Wong on Cornelia Street, I was immediately filled with a warm, cozy feeling. The softness of the candlelight coupled with the prominent use of wood in the floors, tables, bar, and shelving- created a rustic breath of fresh air. The open kitchen was another nice touch and as Chef Simpson […]


It was a long day at work and a cold night in New York City. My tummy needed sustenance and my soul longed for an escape somewhere exotic, someplace…warm! While a spontaneous trip to Latin America was out of the question, albeit tempting, an evening at Sushi Samba was within reach and provided just the escape I […]

Sweet Revenge

Passion is powerful and it’s the necessary ingredient to take something from being good to being truly outstanding, whether it be with art, music, or as in the case of Sweet Revenge in the West Village, cupcakes. But Sweet Revenge is much more than cupcakes. It’s a cupcake, beer, and wine bar, yes, but what makes their particular blend […]