Sweet Revenge

Passion is powerful and it’s the necessary ingredient to take something from being good to being truly outstanding, whether it be with art, music, or as in the case of Sweet Revenge in the West Village, cupcakes.

But Sweet Revenge is much more than cupcakes. It’s a cupcake, beer, and wine bar, yes, but what makes their particular blend of revenge so sweet goes beyond the menu- it’s the perfect combination of craft, ambiance, story, and community.

Owner Marlo Scott knows a thing or two about making the most out of life’s ingredients. When she was laid off for the third time in Corporate America, she decided to set sail on the unpredictable seas of entrepreneurship, declaring her own “revenge” on the man by opening up Sweet Revenge.

She took it step by step, perfecting her cupcake recipes one at a time in her cramped Manhattan apartment. Three years later and she’s been featured on Martha Stewart, The Today Show, made the cover of Entrepreneurship Magazine, and was even the face of Chase’s Ink Card for small business.

All of that success and Marlo is still at her restaurant, day after day, night after night, engaging with her customers like old friends.

Last Thursday, I brought a few of my closest friends to Sweet Revenge and we were immediately swept away by the warm, welcoming vibe.  With the large bay windows, quaint wooden tables, and white- tiled walls, it felt as if we were shooting the breeze in the Montparnasse region of Paris and not on Carmine Street in the West Village.

Once we took our seats, Marlo took us through the pairings menu, which offered a plethora of flavors to be savored. If you’re feeling sweet, a cupcake and glass of wine is just what the doctor ordered. I was in a chocolate mood that particular evening and opted for the “Dirty,” a luscious Valrhona chocolate cupcake topped with a naughty dark truffle frosting. As if this wasn’t enough, it was paired with a round, robust Pinotage.  Marlo suggested taking a small bite of cake along with a sip of wine, and the results were extraordinary, a “Eureka!” moment if you will.

My friend Tara got down with “Dirty” as well but decided to pair it with the signature flavor, the C’est La Vie! Syrah Rose. Kara on the other hand, steered away from the chocolate trend and chose the “Pure” cupcake, a Mexican Vanilla topped with a Mexican Vanilla Buttercream frosting. Paired with the signature Principato Pinot Noir, the sweet simplicity of the vanilla contrasted beautifully with the subtle, complexity of the wine, making this a very mature pairing indeed.

(I must add here that Sweet Revenge cupcakes are the superheroes of the cupcake world. Wrapped in waxed paper and crafted to perfection, any other cupcake competitor falls flat- a mere mortal.)

If sweets aren’t your thing, there are plenty of savory items to be enjoyed, including a whole selection of Sweet Revenge Savory cakes, which include a Jamaican Curry, Seville, Tuscan, as well as a Croque Monsieur. Sweet Revengehas also expanded to include an entire Brunch menu, available from 11am to 3pm, Saturday and Sunday, in addition to a Breakfast and Lunch menu available during the week.

Sweet Revenge is located at 62 Carmine Street in the West Village.

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